The Heat in Bramptons Real Estate Market. What Next?

By: D. Pal Singh

The Heat in Bramptons Real Estate Market. What Next?

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The past few years has seen a steady rise in the property prices in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This has spilled over to all the areas, Brampton included.

The average number of days that a property that's on sale in Brampton stays in the market is said to be in six days. This statistic is according to the Housing Market Report of this month. In this same report, Brampton is ranked as number 18 out of 23, in the most expensive places in the GTA.

These heightened prices are because the supply of property doesn't match the demand for the same, on the ground. The housing shortages have put considerable pressure on prices to go upwards. Many buyers are going for detached houses as opposed to townhouses and condos, in that order. It implies that detached houses are being sold at a higher volume than townhouses and condos.

What Next?

The government has put an effort in trying to calm the heat in the real estate market in Canada. This could bring relief to the Vancouver area. However, for Brampton and GTA, no relief is in sight. Reports by other organizations e.g. Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), show no indication of the inventory of houses increasing any time soon.

The prices are still expected to continue with the upward trend. There is little hope for new homebuyers hoping to get into the market. You will be forced to purchase a property for more than its asking price. Finding cheap housing near the city is becoming more impossible. Potential buyers are being forced out of the Toronto Real Estate Market, and they, in turn, go into the surrounding area.

The cycle repeats itself, increased demand and low supply, resulting in high housing prices. For a property seller, this is the time to tap into the heat in the real estate market in Brampton. Why?

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